League Rules - 2018-2019

Meetings of the Pro-Prep Hoops are held at The Nzone located at 14550 Lee Rd Chantilly VA, 20151

Scheduled Pro-Prep Hoops Meetings (mark them on your calendar!!!!)
7:30pm-9:00pm at The Nzone

Game Day Procedures

  • Gym will open 15 minutes before the first game.
  • Each team is responsible for providing one individual to either operate the clock or serve as the scorekeeper.  Please identify your scorekeeper or timekeeper BEFORE your team’s warm-up period begins.
  • Home team wears lighter color.
  • ONLY coaches are allowed to bring balls into the gym.
  • Half-time is 4 minutes for all leagues.
  • ONLY the teams playing the current game are to shoot or warm up on the floor
  • No more than 2 coaches are permitted on the bench for each team.
  • LEAVE THE BENCH IMMEDIATELY after your game (so that the following games may begin on time.) Post-game discussions should be elsewhere.


Scheduling Procedures: Non-Inclement Weather Issues

  • ALL schedules are subject to change by the facility’s availability
  • Designate someone to check the schedules for last-minute updates.
  • Games that do not begin by the start of time of the following game will be rescheduled (ex. A 6:30PM game must begin by 7:45PM).
  • If no refs are present at the start of game time:
  • Teams may begin play IF BOTH AGREE to use volunteers as referees
  • Call the appropriate number listed on SlamCityManagement.com


Inclement Weather Issues

  • If Fairfax County Public Schools are CLOSED on the game day, all games are cancelled.
  • If are opening late, games are to be played as scheduled.  
  • If schools are closed on Friday that does not mean games are cancelled on the weekend.
  • When Fairfax County Public Schools have a schedule change (closing or delay) due to inclement weather or other emergencies, the information is communicated as soon as the decision is made in these ways:    
        • SlamCityManagement.com Website
        • Call into League hotline

Pro-Prep Hoops Tournament Information- Number of Teams Qualifying:

The Draw


Each season the Pro-Prep Hoops holds a post-season single elimination tournament in each age group/division for boy’s teams and girl’s teams.

The final weekend of the regular season will be in late February, with the tournament starting the final week of February, with most games starting the final weekend of February, although some games may start during weekdays preceding the final weekend in February.

Tournament games will continue during the week, with the finals for all divisions being held on Championship Saturday/ Sunday early in March.

Number of Teams in Each Division

Pro-Prep Hoops Rules defines how many teams in each division will be eligible for the post-season tournament.


Only the top 75% or TWELVE (12), whichever is less, of the regular season teams eligible for tournament play will participate in the post season Pro-Prep Hoops tournament for each age/gender group. There will be a minimum of EIGHT teams eligible; however, all teams will participate when there are fewer than EIGHT teams in the division.


Criteria for the regular season champions and tournament seeding will be as follows:

  1. Won-loss record. If the full schedule is played and the number of games played for each team in the league is subject to the tie-breakers below. If less than a full schedule is plated or an unequal number of games are scheduled, the highest winning percentage (wins divided by the total games played) determines ranking, subject to the tie-breakers below. If Division-I or II has been divided into sub-divisions and inter-sub-division play occurs (team from I-A plays team from I-B, ranking will be determined by overall schedule, not sub-division schedule.
  2. Head-to-Head Record (point spread WILL NOT be used). If more than two teams have identical records, each of these teams will be placed in a pool of the teams with identical records and standing will be determined by
  1. The best win-loss record of games played between the teams in the pool;
  2. if a tie then exists between two or more pool teams for rankings, the head-to-head record between those teams will determine standings;

(c) if the teams in the pool of teams with identical records did not play each other, or if the head-to-head tie breaker cannot be applied to the teams remaining, the team with the highest percentage wins among games played between those teams remaining in this limited pool shall receive the higher seed;
(d) if a tie remains between two teams, the tie-breaker shall be head-to-head competition
(e) if a tie still remains between any or all of the pool teams, the team standings will be determined by the lottery draw.

3) Lottery Draw - Prior to the end of the regular season, a random drawing will be conducted by the Pro-Prep Hoops at a regularly scheduled Pro-Prep Hoops meeting to determine each member organization's lottery number in deciding final tie-breaking procedures. 

Attendance by member organizations at the Pro-Prep Hoops regularly scheduled meetings will be used to determine lottery selection.  The number of meetings attended by member organizations will be determined, and member organizations with the same number of meetings attended will be grouped together in their respective pools.  All member organizations that attend six meetings during the year (September through February) will form the first pool along with lowest lottery numbers, and each member organization’s Representatives will select at random from those lottery numbers. 

In descending order determined by the numbers of meetings attended along with the corresponding lottery numbers, Representatives in each pool will select at random until the process is completed.  In the event that a member organization representative is not present to participate in the lottery draw, the Commissioner will make the selection on behalf of the club.  All teams from each member organization will have the same lottery number and the team with the lowest number is assigned the highest seed available in their seeding bracket.


  • Teams A, B, C, & D finished 6-8 (all tied for 7th place)
    • Two teams eligible for playoffs
    • Records of the tied teams versus each other
            – Team A = 2-1
            – Team B = 2-3
            – Team C = 2-2
            – Team D = 2-2
    • Team A automatically is 7th place (best win-loss record)
    • Team B automatically eliminated (worst win-loss record)
    • Teams C & D split during the regular season (1-1 versus each other)
    • Team C had the favorable lottery draw result
    • Team C makes the playoffs as the 8th and final seed

Divisions will be based upon what grade each player is currently enrolled in.  The divisions will be broken down as follows:

  • 1st and 2nd grade
  • 3rd and 4th grade
  • 5th and 6th grade
  • 7th and 8th grade
  • There will be boys and girls divisions
  • Division 1 and Division 2
  • A team must have at least 8 players on its roster and can have no more than 10.
  • Games will take place on Wednesday nights, Saturdays and Sundays   

Game Lengths and Overtime

  • All games in the 1st/2nd grade and 3rd/4th grade divisions will be two 16 minutes halves.  Games in the 5th/6th grade and 7th/8th grade divisions will be two 20 minutes halves.
  • The following overtime rules apply to all divisions:
    • The first overtime period will be 3 minutes long and the second overtime period will be 1 minute long.  If the game is still tied after 2 overtime periods then the 3rd overtime period will be sudden death.
    • Each team will be given 4 full timeouts and 1 30 second timeout for each game.  One additional 30 second timeout will be awarded for the 1st overtime period.